Free form Crochet

Every since the Fibre Fest I have been wondering about free-form crochet. There was a lady there with loads of rugs and cushions in free-form, and I just though they were terrific.

For any of you that don’t know, freeform crochet is like painting – the hook is a brush and the yarn a paint. The result can be abstract or realistic. Freeform is original design, not a reproduction of another person’s pattern, – it goes beyond the realm of patterns and restrictions that usually apply toward our art.

The technique allows the crocheter to explore the creative and artistic possibilities of the craft in unexpected ways.

Traditional crochet is typically orderly; you’d expect it to be worked in well-organized rounds or rows. You could expect to work from a pattern, and the end result would be a useful project.

The freeform crocheter can toss any or all of those expectations out the window if (s)he chooses. Forget the pattern; (s)he’ll make it up as (s)he goes along. Forget the orderly rounds and rows. (S)he will draw up a loop in any spot (s)he chooses, helter-skelter. The end result of these efforts might, or might not, turn out to be a functional project, depending on the designer’s vision. It is fantastic if a useable project is created in the process, but it is also acceptable if the resulting object is completely useless.

There is an age-old debate about where to draw the line between “art” and “craft.” Some will argue that crochet could never be “art,” but the freeform crocheter would likely disagree. Freeform crochet could be compared to sculpting with yarn. If sculpture is “art”, then so is freeform crochet.

Whatever the distinction may be, the outcome is a piece of work like no other, it is not only functional, but beautiful as well. Freeform includes 2-D and 3-D art, clothing and useful items.

I am really interested in this idea of just letting yourself go, and liberating your art form, but am also worried that if I stray from the pattern I’ll just end up with a big mess! I have great vision, but actually creating it is my downfall!

I think I should definatly start a little project, maybe a small cushion for the sofa. I have some half finished crochet squares and flowers, so maybe I could start there. I guess it’s a bit like yarn bombing your stuff. All mismatched and colourful, but still keeping an underlying tone to the work.

I’ve found some books on amazon that might be helpful, and a website that has links on it.

These are some really great uses of the free-form…






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