The Girl spins a yarn

Drop Spindle Kit, - Learn to Spin- 135g (4.8oz) roving, batt, fibre, a spindle and beginner instructions

I’ve been meaning to get started on this kit that I purchased from Hilltopcloud on Etsy for a few weeks now. I thought I would start my spinning journey using a hand spindle before I go on my spinning wheel course in June.

Everytime I think about it another project gets started and this goes to the backburner. But yesterday evening I finally took the time to get started on this. The kit contains:

50g (1.8oz) of North Ronaldsay Fibre – Cream
35g (1.2oz) Handcarded Merino, British Shetland Batt – Green
50g (1.8oz) of Hand blended British BFL (Blue Faced Leicester), Merino Roving – Green
plus spindle and illustrated instructions all in a presentation box.

So I take out my spindle and attach the North Ronaldsay fibre to the leader as instructed and start to spin the spindle clockwise…. weeeee…. off I go…. having lots of fun….

Then the fibre broke….

then the fibre went all crazy and uneven….

then the fibre started untwisting itself the other way…..

then I cried and threw it on the floor….

then I went online for tips…. (What did we do before YouTube!?)

then I picked it up, and started again….

It’s still wonky, but the websites call it “Artisan”

It still untwists, but I just move my hands further apart

It doesn’t break, so I must be doing something right!

I finished one ball of artisan spun wool, it looks crazy, but in a cool sort of way, and I’m looking forward to starting the second ball this evening. Then I can ply them together and get some double crazy chunky wool to knit something super fun with. I might even try and add some glittery bits into it, if I can, as it’s a bit of a plain colour for me.I might even spin a few of the coloured roving first and spin them into the white wool.

So here are some images of my nice new spun wool. I spun the North Ronaldsay and some of the BFL merino roving over the last couple of days. I still need to ply them together, bt first I need to finish all the roving as I plan to ply the cream and the green roving together, rather than just the NR or the BFL. I’ll let you know how it goes!

photo 1Green BFL Roving before a spin. You must seperate out the fibres and put it into small handfull batches to make your spinning easier (i found that out the hard way!)

photo 1 (2)This is my drop spindle with 3 of the spun balls of wool. 2 of the NR and one small ball of BFL roving

photo 2 (2)Here you can see the leader of the spindle and one of my “artisan” balls

photo 4

This is some more of the BFL roving on spindle

photo 3

3 finished balls in need of plying…..

So if you are trying to get the hang of it, don’t give up! It can be done, we just need to practice. Pick up a spindle. You’ll be surprised how fun and relaxing it really is (after you’ve stopped yelling at it!).

You might even start looking at your knitting as sucking away your spindle time.


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