The Fibre Fest. Chipping Norton

So today was the much awaited Fibre Fest in Chipping Norton. Up early ready for the first thing on the list, a walking tour to the Bliss Tweed Mill

We arrived at the town hall for 10am and after giving a small donation took a walk to the Mill. It is gorgeous. A beautiful old building, with a rather strange chimney on top (it sort of looks like a plunger) …. It closed it’s doors in 1980, and was sold to a private company that converted it to very very beautiful high ceiling flats, with tennis courts and an indoor leisure centre for residents.

If you’re interested and have a spare £400,000 floating around then…. flats for sale It was a very interesting tour, run by a local historian who’s family all seemed to have worked in the mill at some point. Normally you are not allowed in the grounds (the residence pay good money to be left alone it seems), the tour guide himself is only allowed to do tours around it 3 times a year!


Lots of beautiful pictures were taken by myself and Kasia (Instagram @kneedlesinahaystack and @kasia_piekut) of the mill and the beautiful countryside, so please do take a look.

Afterwards it was back to the town hall to soak in the creative vibe happening there. Here is lost Lasia, Mark and Pete, who went to the pub to soak in the sunshine and drink cider. i didnt even notice for a good hour or so! I spoke to some spinners and tried out some of their wheels. My dream wheel (Ashford Joy) is far far far too short for me (I’m 5’10”) and it was recommended that I try an Ashford traveller. So that’s what I plan to look for now. So glad I got to have a try, would have been very upset if I’d spent £500 on a wheel too small for me. I picked up some lovely alpaca/blue faced Leicester blend roving for spinning, and a lady was kind enough to show me how to use my drop spindle correctly (that will be my bank holiday Monday job then!) everyone was super friendly and willing to give their advice and share there experience.

I also got a beautiful felted leaping fox brooch from a stall by Evie and Birdie it’s very cute and bright blue! They had some lovely dolls for sale too. I’m totally inspired by them. So check them out!


If you missed it, that is sad times. However there will be another called Fibre East in Bedfordshire at the end of July more info found here it would be great to see you there!

Have a great bank holiday everyone.


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