The girl gets excited about a festival!

This weekend I am off to Chipping Norton, there are two reasons for this. 1, my best friends live there (lucky devils!) and 2, the village is hosting its first fibre festival

I’m really excited about this. There will be local farmers and sheep there (I’m hoping to be able to talk to someone there about purchasing some fleece!) and lots of knit-minded people. If there is someone there with a drop spindle then I defiantly need them to show me how to work one. I got one the other day, but I just can’t follow written instructions. If not then its off to YouTube I go.

I am also dragging my husband Mark, Pete and Kasia along too, not sure if they are as excited as I am, but I booked us all on a walking tour of Chipping Norton and the old Bliss Tweed Mill. Pete is into his local history and Mark and Kasia like to take photo’s so I am hoping everyone gets something out of the day.

So if you’ve never visited the outskirts of Oxfordshire and fancy a day of fibre fun, make a trip to Chippy. But if you can’t make it worry not, I’ll be posting all about it later.


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