The Girl Learns to Felt

Today I learnt how to felt. Something I’ve been meaning to do since I moved to Dorking in 2011 and visited The Fluff-a-torium. A wonderful store, just off he high street, full of magical fluffy wonders. All beautiful pinks and sparkle, I’m not even sure these words have done it justice. If you ever visit Dorking, either for a picnic on BoxHill, a trip to Denbies vineyard, or to browse the numerous antiques stores, pop into The Fluff-a-torium and you won’t be disappointed.

Back to the felting….. I brought the Bow Delicious felt bow clip kit. The main reason for choosing this was that it was a complete kit (everything included) and it said “suitable for kids”. Seeing as I’ve never felting before, I decided I could handle this kit.


This is the kit (including another that I brought as a present for my mother-in-law). It’s big, bright and exciting, it costs £19.95 and you can find it here you can buy it instore and online (they ship worldwide too!)

First thing you do when you start, read, re-read and then read again the instructions. Set out a nice space on the table and organise all the bits you need.


Then get a nice glass of wine (optional). The instructions were really clear, even for a complete novice like me. All in all the kit was a lot of fun. I enjoyed the soapy mess you got to make turning fluff into felt, and the scientist in me enjoyed how the whole thing came together. I allowed myself some poetic license on the colour scheme adding extra colour highlights that contrast well.


After creating the rectangles of felt I had to trim the edges to neaten it all up, you then shape them into bow shapes. Then using a strong glue you tie the middle fluff around. The kit calls for you to glue on hair clips (they come with it) but as I have very short hair I decided to attach some silver necklace chains to each to make some brightly coloured summer jewellery. Then you must leave it to dry. The photo below shows them drying (which is why clips are attached where I’ve glued). They are still drying now……


And here’s me wearing the finished green bow….



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