Teaching in Textiles

So yesterday I applied for a new job. Currently I am a science teacher in Surrey, but I’m really not loving it. So I decided to put my crafty talents to good use. Who knows if anything will come of it but I am excited about the idea.

I am hoping that they will see my science background as a positive, rather than a negative. I have really sold myself as a creative individual and plan to put together a portfolio of my work this weekend. I plan to include my amigurumi dolls from idea to final product, as well as some of my sewn bags and upcycled jewellery. If anyone out there has worked in textiles in school, I would love to hear from you with any suggestions and ideas. The interview will take place next wednesday (1st May).

I’m really hoping that something good will come of it. My contract at my current school expires in July, and if I don’t find a replacement, then I’ll be unemployed. On the plus side though I have loads of time for knitting and crochet.


On a new note, today is payday! I have already purchased some new crochet books (75 sea creatures, and 75 bugs and beasties) and a book about decorative knots! I am hoping to get started on some more necklaces soon. Though time is ticking away each evening. I am also off to The Fluff-a-Torium after work today to finish paying for my spin course, and to make a few purchases! I have fallen in love with a cute little bowtie felting kit by GillianGladrag and as I have never done felting before though I might begin this weekend with this kit. I will be reviewing the whole process on here as it happens.

I have also been asked by a friend to run a stall at the end of June at her church fete. I am of course extremely excited, but now need to seriously put aside some time to actually get some things created for it. I’m going for smaller bits and pieces that won’t cost a lot to make or sell. I was thinking of making my bowtie necklaces, bowtie brooches, floral brooches, a few smaller amigurumi dolls, and baby booties. Maybe I’ll whip up a few of my butterfly headbands too, but seeing as it will be the height of summer, I doubt people will buy them. It will be a good opportunity to get my brand out there, I really need to get my act together and get started on these.

Maybe if I get into the felting I can make some phone/tablet cases too…… hmmmm…..


I wish you all a pleasant day in the sunshine!


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