Has it been that long!?


It’s been a long long long time since I last wrote. I’ve been having troubles with the WordPress site on my laptop, so now I’ll be trying to use my iPad.

My last post was a list of ALL the things I was going to get round to. So I thought I might go through that….

1. Knit up some new patterns for headbands I did manage to create a little butterfly headband that is now on my etsy site. I want to do another with flowers.
2. Knit up some new amigurumi animals I made a little Sloth called Seth – I still want to make some others. Elephants and cats and mice are still on my list.
3. Start on a line of super cool hoopla yarn crochet necklaces done, done and done. I’m working on a big long version now too.
4. Learn to hand spin wool – ok I didn’t get round to this, but I did sign up for a course at the local yarn store. So roll on June 2nd! Fluff-a-torium
5. Practice my twice knit for a super cool snood finished and it looks pretty good, however it needs to either be a bit shorter, or a bit longer. It’s a funny shape right now.
6. Teach my best friend to knit – alas we did not get round to this. Too much G&T and chatting. Though I am dragging her to a Fibre Festival in Chipping Norton at the Bank Holiday. So maybe we will get a chance then. I will defiantly be posting about this afterwards!
7. Crochet up these gorgeous little brooches I’ve been thinking about all day so far I’ve made a double daisy, and a poppy. I really wanted to get more of these done, but sadly I ran out of Easter Holidays…..
8. Make some more t-shirt yarn (a trip to Primark me thinks) – no time for this. However my sister-in-law wants me to do so hats for her made out of it, so maybe I’ll have some of hers spare for me!
9. Make some plastic bag yarn (plarn) ok I tried this. I made some plarn, and started knitting a needles bag, and it is just taking FOREVER to grow. It’s fallen into my maybe when I’m very bored pile…. Sad times…
10. Make myself a new pair of slippers – and nope. Still to do.
11. Buy chunky wool – can’t find any that I like at the moment. I’m waiting for the annual 10 day sale at Black Sheep Wools and I’m going to grab myself a few bargains!
12. Unravel the arms of a jumper that is driving me bananas, and try to fix it – or go armless – it’s still on my list. There’s just so many more interesting projects out there!
13. Turn my trip to Brighton into a craft hunt. I did get ALOT of random wool during my holidays. So much so, I had to AGAIN reorganise my knit room. Hubby not happy, but oh we’ll đŸ™‚

Wow, I actually did a lot more than I thought I did. I also managed to get down to my local knitting group at The Fluff-a-torium for a Friday Knit and Knatter. Really great group. We are responsible for the yarn bombing of the giant Docking Cockerel and known as the Guerrilla Knitters

I’d like to set up another group though. Pub based I think. Unfortunately, I can only go to my group during school holidays as it is on a Friday morning. Sad times. But an evening based group would be super! Anyone out there, that wants to give it a go, please contact me!

What else have I been up to?

Oh yes, I’ve been knitting booties and blankets for some of my friends. All are avaliable on my site now kneedlesinahaystack

I also purchased some really fun books from Amazon. 2 on knitted and crocheted flowers and another by a girl called Twinkie Chan I am really excited about this one and plan to make my sister in law a gingerbread scarf very soon.

My current project is a knitted tie for my husband. I’m using basket weave stitch, but have just realised I should have made it twice as wide so that I could fold and double it up. Mistake! Oh well, it’s only for Marky…..

Well I best get back to it then…. Hope you are all well.


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