The Girl gets her First Commission

The future is looking bright.

Opened the store yesterday and already sold a Monty Monkey and been asked if I can design and make a giraffe as well. So today I will be mainly researching Giraffe dolls. I want it to still have the same look at the rest of my designs, just with a longer neck.

photoThese are some of the designs I’ve seen online that I like

I like the idea of the multi-coloured patches from the first image. I could make little crochet rings and sew them on to the body. It means that I don’t have to stick to traditional colours either – which I’m all about. The brighter, the better I say!

The flat faces of the top and bottom images of the middle strip would work best for my style. I could always make a muzzle for it, to give it a longer face.

The bottom left image is more humanoid, which is what I’m going for with my amigurumi – not sure about dressing it though.

I like the eye placement of Sophie Giraffe – sort of almost off the face. Very sweet.

photo 1photo 2

So this is my working sketch. I know it doesn’t look like much, but I think it’ll work – I think I will do multi coloured patches though. Keep the fabric patch face that all my other animals have, as well as the crocheted belly patch. I’m just a little worried about the neck. It’ll need tobe stuff pretty good to stay upright….. any suggestions out there?



So here is the beginnings of my giraffe. Obviously he needs arms, ears, horns and patches, but I’m pretty pleased with him so far. No pattern, I’m just winging it from the sketches. That’s it for this evening though. Tomorrow I shall begin again!


Patch is finally done. I’m so pleased with him. Super cute. I’m reluctant to ship him out now… Photos will be up on my Etsy store this evening!



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