Roll on Easter Holidays

The time is almost upon us now…. 2 weeks off from teaching (YAHEY)…. Not that it’s not rewarding, it really is, however, it’ll be so so nice to have some time to just knit, and crochet and learn something new.

I have a crafty to do list as long as my arm, and I’m super excited about it!

1. Knit up some new patterns for headbands
2. Knit up some new amigurumi animals
3. Start on a line of super cool hoopla yarn crochet necklaces (I’m testing out the prototype at school tomorrow – the students are always my tester!)
4. Learn to hand spin wool (oh yes I’m loving that idea so much!)
5. Practice my twice knit for a super cool snood
6. Teach my best friend to knit
7. Crochet up these gorgeous little brooches I’ve been thinking about all day
8. Make some more t-shirt yarn (a trip to Primark me thinks)
9. Make some plastic bag yarn (don’t know what I’ll do with it though)
10. Make myself a new pair of slippers (mine are falling apart)
11. Buy chunky wool – I’ve run out – eekkk!
12. Unravel the arms of a jumper that is driving me bananas, and try to fix it – or go armless
13. Turn my trip to Brighton into a craft hut (husband unaware of this at the moment… hehehehe)

So I’ve got to plan when to do it all. Easy knits will defiantly be for the stop-off at the in-laws this weekend. I need to just have a few days in my craft room, with no husband disturbing me and a big old pot of tea.

Ahhhhh bliss…. I cannot wait…..


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