The girl has a secret stash…

Doesn’t everyone?

I am a bit of a hoarder truth be told, and i collect more yarn than I use. I can’t help it. I see it on offer and I can’t resist. I’m currently counting down the days until pay day so I can buy more! eeekkkk!!!

Until last weekend my yarn was in bags scattered around the house. My husband hated it. So I finally got organised and sorted it all. Luckily we have a spare room, that I have converted into a craft room. After tipping all my things onto the floor, and finding a space this is what I have….

Secret Stash

Yes, that is ALOT of yarn. Most of it has a purpose I promise. But some is just sitting there waiting for a reason to be. As I said I just can’t help myself when it comes to yarn.

Hooplayarn So this is my T-Shirt yarn. Some homemade, some brought. I love this stuff. I used 4 skeins of white and green to make a footstool, and now I just don’t know what to do with the rest. I’m thinking I will try out some new stitches to make a headband, and a snood with some of it. Maybe a second footstool….. Any excuse to use the 20mm needles!


This lovely pile is reserved for my amigurumi. I love to make them, its the only reason I learnt to crochet. Especially out of this stripey rainbow wool. I use the fabric for faces, sometimes it matches, sometimes it clashes. I’m currently working on some new animals. The design process is why I love my iPad. I use the Paper53 app to sketch them out. If you don’t have a tablet, get one. They are perfect for quick design work, and they save paper! I also use the iPad to store all my patterns I find online. PDFs and websites are all stored for me to find easily, and I don’t have to keep piles and piles of printed out paper.

left overs

Just a small example of some of my odds and ends. I love looking at these. I can remember what they were used for and it makes me smile. For example, the chunky blue was used for my first crochet project of chain link necklaces. I made loads in different lengths and wore them as a giant scarf when it snowed in January. The green baby soft yarn was brought for a crocheted cocoon for a friends baby, I made a hungry caterpillar hat as well. It’s very cute! The teal yarn was from my first knit project, fingerless gloves – I had major issues doing rib for them. I kept putting the wool under the work instead of through the needle. It was just a long knotted mess the first time I tried. Thank goodness for YouTube!

sirdarThis is my Sirdar Surfer pile. I brought 20 balls in various colours from Black Sheep Wools It was 50p a ball in the sale. I couldn’t resist. I’ve a few ideas about what to do with this. I’ve seen a cardigan online that would be nice for the summer. So maybe… If anyone has used this before, I’d love to hear what you made!


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