The girl knits big

So I brought some hooplayarn (which I love). It’s made from old t-shirts and is wonderful. I always go for a lucky dip. It saves you £2.50 and its nice to be surprised!


Now the problem…. What do I knit? So I’m looking through the Internet and I come across this: Pickles Pouf

It is perfect! So I get out the 20mm needles (any excuse) and get started. Instead of knitting in garter I went for moss.


It took a while for it to grow, and boy was it heavy in the end. I’m very pleased. It took almost 4 skeins of Hooplayarn, in the end. Slightly more than I had expected, but it looks great.


Assembly is easy. Just sew the short sides together, the thread yarn through the bottom and give it a good old tug. Do the same at the top (after you’ve stuffed it silly!) and voila!

Now I just need to stuff it! Waiting for beanbag stuffing as we speak. I cannot wait to use it- I will of course post the finished item for all to gaze upon.


The pouf is FINALLY finished! I ended up stuffing it with an old duvet (clean) wrapped in a green pashmina. It’s quite solid, but super comfy. I’m very very pleased with myself.


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