A quick note on upcycling yarn….

As I have stated in previous posts I do love Hooplayarn. It’s just lovely. However, if you wanted to give giant knitting a go without spending loads, then have a little go at upcycling your old t-shirts.

This weekend, while organising my knitting room I came across a pile of old t-shirts. Not sure why I had them, but there they were. I decided that I would try my hand at my own hooplayarn. I started from the bottom and just cut round in a big spiral (like peeling an apple) until I got to the arms. Then I started on the next, and the next. Tying them all together at the ends and winding them into a ball. It was very satisfying. I suggest you try it too.


Here is the end result.

I’m also saving all my odds and ends from my knitting and crochet projects and have started tying them all together to get another ball of yarn or two. I think that would make a very interesting scarf indeed!


20130326-072718.jpgMy mother-in-law says she used to shred and knit up old plastic bags, into bigger, stronger plastic bags! It’s better than chucking them in the bin, though I’m not sure my sister would appreciate a knitted plastic for her birthday as much as a new scarf…..

I’d be interested to hear what others out there are upcycling to feed there knit addiction….

I had an amazing idea for a bit of upcycling stuff. I keep seeing online these really cute little stitch markers everywhere. Being that we are in a recession, I thought I would make my own, and this is how I did it…. First, find some old necklaces with little pendants on them. Then take the pendants off and (if the necklaces have beads) salvage what you can and chuck the rest away. Then pop to your local Hobbycraft and buy some necklace clasps, and silver loops. Attach one to each pendant, and there you have it! Cute little stitch markers, unique to you. Well Done You!


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