The Twice Knit Knitting

Today I practice how to twice knit. I’m using it because it is dense, without too much stretch. It is possible that this will make a good snood, because it won’t go floppy. We shall see….

To start twice knit you need to cast on with the twice knitted cast on method (this cast on is also excellent for fringed edges):
1. Working loosely, make a slip knot and cast on one stitch using the knit-open method.
2. Insert the right needles into both loops and knit together, but do not slip stitches off. Slip new loop from right to left. Knit new stitch together with the preceding stitch.
3. Repeat step 2 to cast on required stitches.


Now to knit…

1. Knit together 2 stitches. Drop only the first stitch, leaving the second on the left needle.
2. Insert the right needles into both the remaining stitch and the following one on the left needle and knit them together.
3. Repeat until the end of the row.
4. Every row is knitted the same way. The result is a fabric that is firm, slow to unravel or snag, and can be cut much like woven fabric.


The twice knit is dense and should be worked on larger needles than normal for the yarn. The stitches will work out wider than the rows unless a larger needle is used, and will be very slow to grow.


Chose the wool carefully, mine was maybe a bit too exciting for a first try. I shall post the finished product when it is done.


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