Welcome to KneedlesinaHaystack!

Hello My Fluffy Addicts.

I hope you find my site interesting and informative. I decided to blog about my wool addiction and share with you all my ideas for patterns and designs.

I am currently a full-time science teacher in (Corking) Dorking, Surrey, but am looking to use my crafty talents in the wider world. I am working on new products for my online store, orgainsing fete events, blogging about the world of knit, and becoming a samples knitter for a local felting author. I enjoy all aspects of yarning (!?) I started knitting in Nov 2012 and moved onto crochet in Feb 2013. I will be taking up the art of felting very very soon, and am interested in sustainable wool creation. I am in touch with local sheep farmers and (as soon as shearing time comes around) be treating, dyeing and spinning my own wool. I want to experiment with natural dyes and gorgeous artisan yarns. My inspiration for the wool colours comes from Etsy, there are some amazing sellers on there (if only there were more in the UK).

I am saving up for a Spinning Wheel of my very own at the moment, so I currently only hand-spin with a drop spindle. Its very theapeutic and enjoyable. I recommend it! I’d also like to start a pub-based knit club in Dorking one weekday evening. so if there’s anyone out there who would be interested, please let me know!

On my site you’ll find ideas for all things fluffy, from upcycling ideas and inspiration, to patterns and new stitches I’ve been practicing. I’m pretty new to the game, but am happy to chat if you have any questions, I’d love to hear your ideas too!


Small- an online store where I can sell the things I love to make (Etsy Store)
Large- my own yarn store, where I can sell my own dyed and spun yarn, run knit clubs and surround myself in those who also love the fluffy stuff.


The best way to drum up new customers is to get a product out into the world and into their hands. Giveaways are a great way to do this because you get a large group of people excited about a product, like a fun yarn or an interesting book. If you’re interested in setting up a giveaway with your product, let me know! We can do giveaways in the following categories:

  • Spinning/felting fiber
  • Yarn
  • Patterns
  • Books
  • Tools/Supplies like needles, notions, etc.
  • Any knitting related items you can think of!

You can contact me anytime at anjuliclayden@gmail.com.


I love hearing from knitters and designers, whether advanced or beginners. If you would like to be interviewed, give me a shout! I’d love to talk with you about how you got started, what fibers and colors you prefer, and where you get your inspiration from.

I also do sample knitting and crochet, so if you have some patterns you need worked up contact me, I love a challenge!

You can also find me all over the social media sites online, so come and have a look at whats going on in my world….

Twitter: @etsyinahaystack

Google+ @anjuilclayden or Kneedleshaystack

Facebook: Facebook.com/kneedlesinahaystack

Pinterest: Anjuli Clayden

Instagram: kneedlesinahaystack

Vine: @etsyinahaystack

Brabble: kneedleshaystack

LinkedIn: Anjuli Clayden

Etsy: Kneedlesinahaystack


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